Plumbing & Heating


From a leaking tap to a full design and installation of your entire plumbing and heating needs anywhere in and around London. Central heating and 1st and 2nd fix of completely new refurbishments.


• Toilet, sink

• Leaks

• Dripping taps

• Megaflo services and installations

• Shower repairs / installations

• Bathroom installations

• Kitchen installations


A small leak over time can lead to costly building works and even damp and rot issues. If the plumbing system in your home is showing signs of deterioration, then we can help.


Our skilled and experienced engineers are on hand to help with all your central heating requirements.


If you simply need advice because you are not sure how your system works, or you want to control your heating from your phone – give us a call.


• Fault finding

• Boiler Fault Codes

• Complete boiler diagnostics

• Fixing and tracing leaks

• Poor circulation in your heating system

• Full installation of boilers, heating systems, controls, underfloor heating

• Redesign

• Automation (NEST)


We are happy to look at larger projects and tenders too. We work with main contractors and can carry out complete 1st and second fix of hot, cold, and central heating services. Boilers radiators and controls- on either refurbishments or new builds.


In the simplest terms, a Power flush is the fastest, most efficient, and effective method of cleaning a central heating system. The principle is to create a powerful, flow of water using chemicals to agitate and breakdown debris, magnetite, and other bits of rust from the system.


That magnetite that builds up in the heating system will gather in the bottom of your radiator. So, if your radiator is cold in the bottom and it’s hot at the top, there is a problem and you may need a Power flush. We are happy to head out to you and assess this for you for free.